Madison Creek Kennesaw CC Vest


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Named after the city that once required every head of household within city limits to own a firearm with ammunition.  This quilted zip front vest has been in the collection since started in 2008. Updated in 2013 with conceal-carry pockets.

The inspiration was to create a collection of sportswear with pockets to conceal a handgun that would lead nobody to believe you’re carrying. Each model comes with 2 specifically designed interior pockets and a removable holster.  Each model also proudly displays the 2nd Amendment lining graphic.  Don’t carry? The 2 interior pockets also hold tablets, passport, or any other large item you might want to secure.

Style Description:

  • Quilted Outwear Vest with Zip Front Closure
  • Micro-suede Nubuck on Collar and Pockets
  • Lining – 2nd Amendment
  • 1 Upper Vertical Zipper Pocket & 2 Lower Slant Pockets
  • 2 Interior Conceal & Carry Pockets & 1 Detachable Velcro Holster

Additional information

Weight 32 oz



L, M, S, XL

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